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Wonderfil Fruitti

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Fruitti™ is a 12wt Egyptian cotton thread with a bold and dramatic look that has been double-gassed to create a gorgeously soft and clean cotton thread. Free of waxes and coatings that can damage your sewing machine, this low lint thread is ideal for showing off your stitching and designs, and adding a little more colour to your projects. Available in 41 fun and playful variegated colours.

* The process of double gassing involves burning off the lint from the thread two times, resulting in a much softer and cleaner finish.

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Wonderfil Fruitti-01


Wonderfil Fruitti-02


Wonderfil Fruitti-03


Wonderfil Fruitti-04


Wonderfil Fruitti-05


Wonderfil Fruitti-06


Wonderfil Fruitti-07


Wonderfil Fruitti-08


Wonderfil Fruitti-09


Wonderfil Fruitti-10


Wonderfil Fruitti-11


Wonderfil Fruitti-12


Wonderfil Fruitti-13


Wonderfil Fruitti-14


Wonderfil Fruitti-15


Wonderfil Fruitti-16


Wonderfil Fruitti-17


Wonderfil Fruitti-18


Wonderfil Fruitti-19


Wonderfil Fruitti-20


Wonderfil Fruitti-21


Wonderfil Fruitti-22


Wonderfil Fruitti-23


Wonderfil Fruitti-24


Wonderfil Fruitti-25


Wonderfil Fruitti-26


Wonderfil Fruitti-27


Wonderfil Fruitti-28


Wonderfil Fruitti-29


Wonderfil Fruitti-30


Wonderfil Fruitti-31


Wonderfil Fruitti-32


Wonderfil Fruitti-33


Wonderfil Fruitti-34


Wonderfil Fruitti-35


Wonderfil Fruitti-36


Wonderfil Fruitti-37


Wonderfil Fruitti-38


Wonderfil Fruitti-39


Wonderfil Fruitti-40


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