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Sewing Machine Service and Repair

Whether you have inherited Grandma's favorite sewing machine or have many of your own, we are here to give you the best repair experience! At Idaho Sewing, our certified technicians know exactly how each machine works and not only fix mechanical issues but are also able to fix most cosmetic issues. 

 What happens to your machine when it is serviced?

Clean out lint and debris
Check the machine for burs caused by needle strikes
Check and adjust machine timing  
Check the feed dog height (responsible for proper feeding of your fabric)
Update machine software if necessary 
Check the settings specific to each model/brand
Oil the machine
     Check needle threader alignment
                                                                     Replace lightbulb if burnt out
                                                                    Repair/Replace broken parts (if needed)
                                                                           Address any concern brought up by the machine owner


When it comes to servicing your sewing machine, Idaho Sewing is the top choice, offering unmatched expertise, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to keeping your machine in prime condition, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your beloved sewing companion.

Why does your machine need to be serviced?

After a few years of sewing lint and debris have built up inside of your machine. Common debris found in machines includes; pins/needles, buttons, coins, safety pins, and lots more.
Without proper lubrication, machines can start running slower/seize up. 

You want to start your project off knowing that your machine is going to be working in top condition!

Questions? Give us a call at 208-639-0255! We are happy to answer any questions!